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Men Who Find Themselves Drawn Together:
An Interview with Dave Jeser and Matthew Silverstein

This is reality.
What happens when eight cartoon characters stop performing and start living? Writers Dave Jeser and Matthew Silverstein wondered the same thing, along with a much more important question: would somebody pay them to find out?

It turns out that yes, Comedy Central would. And so these comedy vets, who have worked on offbeat shows such as Action and Greg the Bunny, were allowed to produce Drawn Together. In the end, they've created a show that perfectly captures the strange narcissism of reality television while completely skewering cartoon conventions.

The animated series makes its debut tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m. after South Park, with an opener that focuses on a fairy tale princess discovering she has new dreams to come true.

I'll admit that at Comic-Con 2004 I only stayed and watched the Drawn Together panel because I was tired of walking around. And then something happened: these guys impressed me with their sheer commitment to their bit, and then the excerpt they showed of Drawn Together made my jaw drop from the sheer wrongness of it all. I was laughing, and felt really really bad about it.

Then they revealed that one of their staff writers is only thirteen years old, and my amusement turned to envy. Then regret that at my age, I can no longer qualify as a prodigy. Still, from the depths of my bitterness I mustered the courage to approach them for an interview. Matt bought me off with a Drawn Together yarmulke.

And so, this week, we completed the interview process via e-mail. I have no idea who answered which question, but I don't think it matters.

Fanboy Planet: What kind of screening process did the characters have to go through to get cast?

Dave and Matt: We'd like to say that we spent weeks looking through applications but the truth is, everyone cast was friends with one or another of the Jew producers on the show.

FBP: Are there any genres you haven't gotten to skewer yet that you're trying to get in for a Season Two?

Dave and Matt: Are you on crack? Season two? I don't think we'll finish season one. In fact, one entire episode has already been shelved due to questionable content.

FBP: Okay, seriously, what inspired you to do this show besides a naked grab for money?

A dream ...or a nightmare?
Dave and Matt: If you knew what we were getting paid for this nonsense you wouldn't ask that question.

FBP: Are there any actual reality stars you would want to have on Drawn Together?

Dave and Matt: One man, one name: PUCK. None of us would be here if it weren't for him.

FBP: Are there any actual reality stars?

Dave and Matt: Are there any actual reality moons, hearts, clovers or purple horseshoes? Think about it... think about it.

FBP: Have any companies complained that you're getting too close to their properties?

Dave and Matt: If by companies you mean fathers and by properties you mean their sixteen-year-old daughters, than yes.

FBP: What's more damaging to a 13-year-old's mind: watching an episode of Drawn Together or writing an episode of Drawn Together?

Dave or Matt: I'd have to say, being molested by your priest... or rabbi.

FBP: Does having a minor on staff put fear into your heart about your own obsolescence?

Dave and Matt: He's a pretty heavy user so chances are he'll be dead or in rehab before that becomes an issue.

FBP: And how do you top having a kid on staff? What's next? Trained dogs with word processors?

Dave and Matt: What? That's impossible. I mean, seriously, no one uses word processors anymore.

FBP: How much freedom has Comedy Central given you on this one? Are there any gags you wanted to do, but censors killed?

Dave and Matt: To be perfectly honest, the censors (or S&P) are totally cool. They don't ever want us to sacrifice any of the funny and are incredibly fair. The network executives censor a lot more than the censors do. For the most part, we see eye to eye with the executives... but their have been some painful cuts that will hopefully find their way onto the DVD.

Derek McCaw

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