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What? Like you didn't have Christmas parties to go to?

(editor's note: As a special holiday gift to Chris Garcia, I am leaving his British spellings intact. Chris Garcia is not British; he isn't even Canadian. However, he may actually be of Latino-Jewish descent as he claims.)

I can’t say that I watched much wrestling this week. I missed TNA Impact altogether, and I only saw about ten minutes of SmackDown! which was OK, except that it was another of those episode that seemed like they were just coasting. It pulled a 2.2, which is about average for a holiday show. I didn’t find out what the TNA rating was.

WWE has been trying to get Bret Hart to do an angle to promote his DVD. Sadly, he’s living in Italy and won’t be doing one.

Other than that, there’s not much. With TNA bringing back Sting, there are a lot of folks who are unhappy with their pay. Dave Meltzer in the Observer notes that Samoa Joe is very unhappy with the situation. He’s making almost nothing, maybe a grand a night if he’s lucky. He could do far better for cash with Vince, but far better for position (and eventually for money with WWE) if he stays with being Samoa Joe.

They built the show around a series of Beat The Clock matches. Basically, all the guys in the Elimination Chamber matches wrestled in matches and the fastest win would get in last in the Chamber though they didn’t do what they did last year and if anyone lost, the guy who beat them would take their place.

The first of these matches was Shawn Michaels vs. Gene Snitsky. Snitsky is just plain awful. Shawn tried, but he basically had to fight for two for almost six minutes. Shawn got the pin with Sweet Chin Music at 5:56. Terrible.

Edge did a great promo with Ric Flair, starting by mocking him with one of those Cut-Out mouth things that Conan O’Brian uses of Ric. They had a great line for fake Flair: “I beat ‘em all: from Ashton Kutcher to Abdullah the Butcher!" Brilliant. Ric came out and then they had a little brawl. Fun stuff.

They had Chavo Guerrero take Chris Masters to the limit. It was a better match than I can remember Masters having with anyone other than Michaels or Angle. Chavo was really leading the match and even used a couple of nice roll-ups. A couple of sweet DropKicks! Chavo, and Eddie, were way over in this match. Masters got the MasterLock on Chavo with about 15 seconds left, but Chavo held on. Masters got the mic and said that the clock was wrong. Way to go, McInroe! Eddie got a huge cheer after and Chavo sent Masters out of the ring.

Wow, awesome! They had Mickie James decorating Trish’s locker, and Trish came in. They chat for a little, then James points out that they’re under mistletoe and the two of them kiss. Oh Mother-Freakin’ Yeah!

Oh, you wanted to see the kiss, didn't you?
Not tonight. We're not pandering again until 2006.

They did a funny angle with Angle. They had him talk about how the Afghanistan soldiers were just doing their jobs, and that he didn’t get paid for winning the Gold Medal with a broken freakin’ neck. Good point. Then he had a match with Daivari and Daivari laid down for him, but Chioda said that wouldn’t happen and Kurt chased him outside and Kurt got counted out! Nice angle!

They did a contract signing with Big Show and HHH. This was really good as Hunter beat down Show, including stabbing him in the eye with the pen and using it to sign the contract. Nice touch. This is going better than I expected.

John Cena and Shelton Benjamin had another decent, though not off-the-charts, match that at least didn’t have Benjamin job. Shelton worked fast and dragged good stuff out of Cena. One of the better spots had to be the one where Shelton did the old Owen Hart out of an armbar. I miss Owen. Shelton got out of an attempted FU and they ended up going the time-limit.

They had Carlito beat Victoria in a match that was weird. Victoria got a little bit of offense, but really, it was just Carlito getting one move off and getting the pin. Lame.

They had Kane take on The Heartthrobs in a match that was basically the two of them getting Double Chokeslammed and getting pinned in 28 seconds. He’s in last! This was a weak ending, but what are you gonna do, he’s in bad shape and they really can’t do much. The whole Beat-The-Clock thing was a lot weaker than it was last year.

They had Michaels come out and they basically have him talk about Bret Hart. Shawn says that he did what he did and that’s that but he also wants to move on and that it was time for Vince to let him go. This led to Vince being unhappy and then walking out. Not much happened in the end, but it basically said that the two of them will be fighting either at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. That could be interesting.

So, that’s the week. Not much to it. I’ll have the Year-End edition of the Awards Next Monday and then the start of Year Four the next day. You’ve got a couple of days to send your votes for Best Face, Best Hell and FanboyPlanet’s Favourite Wrestler.

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Chris Garcia

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