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12-20-05 (continued) (Smackdown and News)

You'd better watch out...
WWE Armageddon
Well, that was interesting.

The WWE’s Armageddon wasn’t a bad show, but there were some rough spots. The opener was one of the roughest. JBL pretty much squashed Matt Hardy. Hardy got almost no offense and the match was almost no good. Not a good way to open a show that needed something big to open.

The Mexicools and MNM had a match that wasn’t flawless, but it was good and certainly better than the opener. The crowd wasn’t into it early on, but as things went on, they came more and more into it. MNM won with the SnapShot. Solid match and the crowd started to care.

Chris Benoit took on Booker T in a match which was really solid. Sharmell interfered a whole lot and Benoit managed to come back with a ton of big Suplexes. This one was better than any of the others (and they’ve all been good) and it was along the same lines as the best of the matches they had over the WCW TV title in 1997. Benoit got a tap from a Sharpshooter after a ref bump. This was supposed to make you think that The Book would be getting the win, but instead, after the ref recovered, Benoit got the Crossface for the win. Really good match.

After Palmer Cannon brought out Nunzio as an elf and Big Vito as Bad Santa, The Boogeyman came and beat them up and there were worms. Lots and lots of worms.

You wanna know how to kill a crowd? Well, try to put Paul Burchill and William Regal against Bobby Lashley. The crowd was dead, and Lashley even did just about everything right, but it just didn’t work. Burchill was great in this match though.

They did a thing with Tim White’s bar and it was just awful. It killed the crowd even further than it did earlier. Apparently, he committed suicide, and the crowd booed and booed and booed. They were right to do it.

Juventud and Kid Kash put on a hell of a match. So good that the crowd did nothing but boo and chant ‘End this Match.' If you wanna make this look like a great match, watch it without the sound. They worked stiff and Kid Kash was really, really good and was obviously put in charge of controlling the pace and flow of the match. Kid Kash won the match and the Cruiserweight Title after Juvy missed a Somersault Legdrop and Kash got his Brainbuster.

Solid match that the crowd was just not at all into. The WWE NEEDS to learn that skits like the one they put on are what kill crowds dead for the good stuff. Even as WCW was declining, they were putting on great matches that weren’t over.

Batista and Mysterio lost to Kane and Big Show. This was a nothing match, but Batista can’t do much, so they had to keep it short.

The main event was a very good match. Randy Orton looked really good, as usual, and Undertaker was a bit down from his big match game, but still, he didn’t mess things up bad. They did everything they could do to make this a good match. It wasn’t bad at all; they had a lot of blood and interference from Cowboy Bob and a bunch of ref bumps and attacks.

While this one won’t be remembered as being at the level of the classic Hell in the Cells, it was still really good and went long. Randy Orton used a Tombstone on our hero for a nearfall.

Undertaker got the win after giving both Cowboy Bob and Randy the Tombstone and hitting just about everybody with the urn.This made the event seem like less than a total loss, but the last half was so brought down by the terrible skit and the Big Show and Kane match and the way the crowd got deadified.


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Chris Garcia

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