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You know, newspapers...
Welcome to the Holiday Edition of Falls Count Anywhere! My name is Chris and I’m awesome, thanks for asking!

OK, OK, I didn’t se it. I had an interview with the founder of the Metro newspaper for the documentary I’m making, and I forgot to set the VCR. I did surf the website and saw the highlights and read the reports.

The Boogeyman beat Nunzio, still doing his worm-eating gimmick. He’s got a shot at getting over, especially if he keeps working stiff. Sadly, SuperCrazy was basically used as a jobber to get Kid Kash over. Crazy did get some offense, but after he missed a Moonsault, Kash took over again and didn’t let up. He won with a Brianbuster, which isn’t on the WWE’s usual list of approved moves. Wonder what he had to do to get that as a finisher.

Apparently, Melina and Batista had sex in an effort for Melina to get a deal out of him. It didn’t work. If I were Batista, I’d hit that too!

MNM had a good match against Rey and Batista. The fact that Batista is still working while rehabbing himself is impressive, but I can’t help but think that it’ll end up hurting Big Dave in the long run. Rey gave Mercury and Melina the 619, and then Batista gave the DemonBomb to Mercury for the win.

It was shown that Bobby Lashley is the chosen one as he destroyed the other possible next star, Paul Burchill. They pointed out that Lashley dominated the RAW folks at Survivor Series.

They showed a bunch of Undertaker’s matches from the Hell in the Cell, to scare Orton. This was a lame series of skits, because the feud sucks. The sales for Armageddon had been very low early, though I understand they picked up a bit day of. This feud is lame and no one wants it to main event, but with Batista unable to do a real Main Event-style match, it was the best they had available.

Ingmar Bergman directs Smackdown...
Booker beat Hardy in an OK match, but it served no booking purpose. It’s sad that Hardy has been given a match with JBL at Armageddon, based on a single moment where JBL interrupted. He could be a player.

The Undertaker came out with his Druids, and one turned out to be Cowboy Bob Orton and this allowed him to get the urn and that allowed Randy Orton to destroy UT a lot, including using a chair. I thought this was lame, as we’ve seen it all before, and this feud is NOT drawing.

Jericho has signed a book deal with Warner by himself. There is some deal with the WWE that he has, but it’s not an official contract. Some have said that it’s a match the offer deal, others have said that it’s nothing more than the WWE gets the chance to offer a contract to him before he accepts anything else.

RAW did a 4.1 last week, which was really good considering it was up from last week. Coach was so bad, though. They need to get rid of Coach (put him back as an interviewer, since that can lead to some funny bits) and let Styles go with Lawler or maybe by himself.

The SmackDown! rating of 2.9 was also a strong number. The reason may be the lack of quality competition, but SD! was still 4th out of 6. It was the highest rated SD! on a Friday except for the Guerrero tribute.

No one’s quite sure why Christy Hemme got released. Supposedly at least one of the McMahons is still in the dark.

AJ Styles was sore, but OK. Samoa Joe had his jaw dislocated, probably on the most brutal dropkick of all time. Great match, needs to be seen.

Team 3D…you know, the guys who used to be called the Dudleys, they cancelled all of their All Japan shows in favor of working TNA. It’s weird, since there’s more money from Japan than there is in TNA. Plus, they were given the win in the Champions Carnival.

I only got to see the Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal match on TNA this weekend, and it was a really nice little match. Joe understands how to look dominant and still give the other guy offense. Lethal looked really good. The Kokina Clutch and the Muscle Buster are both big-time finishers.



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Chris Garcia

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