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12-06-05, page 3 (Smackdown!) (TNA Impact and Some News)

Wrestling takes a lot of concentration...
They opened with Vince coming out to fire Eric Bischoff and they had Mick Foley come out. They are really trying to rebuild interest, but it’ll take more than this. Honestly, it was a good opening heat segment. They did an on-going thing about the Trial of Eric Bischoff. While they’re at it, they may as well try him for his time in the AWA.

I missed a lot of the Fatal Fourway, but I came in at the end when the Big Show and Kane did a TRIPLE CHOKESLAM!!! Big Show had Val Venis really to goozle, while Kane had Romeo of the Heartthrobs. Tomko came up and they both grabbed him and all three went at once. Rad.

Victoria and Mickie James had a match that was OK, though James is sloppy. It was basically done to show the troubles that will brew between Mickie and Trish because Trish kicked Mickie by accident and that led to Victoria getting the roll-up win.

They had some angry words after the match and that led to things getting smoothed over but obviously showing that the two of them will be feuding before too long. Candace is trying to improve, and I think she’s actually progressing in her managing career faster than her in-ring career. And she’s H-A-W-T

Lots of the court segments. I don’t like them. They are taking too much time and even though they are setting up matches for the night (HHH vs. Tajiri), they are just wasting time. When they had the Boogeyman show up, I was strangely amused in a ShockMaster sort of way.

Edge and Lita did the hottest segment of the night with their Cutting Edge. They basically said that there was no one who wanted to be on the show, except for Ric Flair, who was too washed up to show and they talked about the recent legal troubles. This led Michael P.S. Hayes and Sgt. Slaughter came out and said that Vince wanted it off because Edge had gone too far. This led to Edge doing a bunch of shoot comments on Sarge and The Freebird. Edge said that Michael didn’t have Terry Gordy at his back because he was dead. The guys got into the ring and it ended up with Hayes saying that the only reason Edge was here was because he screwed Matt Hardy’s girlfriend. Great segment from the point of view of booking and heat getting. Edge and Lita were great here working with one of the greatest talkers of all-time.

Tajiri lost a fast squash to HHH, though he did get a little offense in and that was that. H looked pretty good.

Michaels suffers the heartbreak of anime hair...
The last backstage Court Segment had Maria asking that Mick ask her questions using Mr. Socko. That was funny, but the "Maria is dumb" gimmick sucks. They then said that they’d make the final arguments in the ring, as if there were any question as to what it would be.

Shelton and Shawn Michaels had a decent match with CCC and Kurt Angle. It sorta started slower than usual, but Shelton and Kurt worked together really well. The crowd was sorta in and out on this one. Shelton was getting a lot of pops since he was in his hometown. Kurt went for a German Suplex, but Shelton backflipped out of it. NICE! The rest of the match is Shelton getting chants and the like, but when Shawn has things in hand, Shelton tags himself in, goes to the top and misses a Flying Body Press which allows Carlito to get a roll-up.

The final segment was pretty hot because they had Cena come out, give Bisch an FU and that led to Bischoff getting thrown into the Dump Truck. I didn’t care, but it was kinda cool.

Not a great show, lots of wasted time, but there was a great segment with Edge and Lita and the Main Event wasn’t bad either.

That’s all for this week. More later!

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Chris Garcia

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