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12-06-05 (continued) (Smackdown!)

Bye, bye, Christy...
TNA Impact
I didn’t watch all of it (Dane Cook was hosting SNL; how could I miss that?) but what I saw was pretty good. The big thing for me was they were pushing the Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles match hard with an interview and a nice video package.

The opening match of Petey Williams (my vote for Most Under-Rated) against Chris Sabin against Austin Aries against Alex Shelley was really fun, especially with the traditional ‘Everyone Gets a Big Spot!’ towards the ending. Shelley came out and set-up a tripod with a camera. I like the Student of the Game gimmick they’ve given him.

Lots of good action, with Williams being my favorite. Aries hits a nice Atomic Elbow off the top. Shelley hit a big Brainbuster, but Williams made a blind tag. Williams blocked an Aries Suplex and hit the Canadian Destroyer, the Move of the Century!. Sabin comes in and nails Williams and then hits him with Cradle Shock for the pin. Really good match with lots of action. TNA is wasting Williams…and Shelley…and Aries…and Sabin. They should all be getting a much bigger push.

America’s Most Wanted is in the back watching tape of the Funeral. It doesn’t pay to dwell on former successes. Just ask Tommy Wildfire Rich.

Abyss beat the tar out of Kenny King, and then he brawled with Sabu after Jim Mitchell did some mic work. They made a big deal out of Abyss being afraid of the barbed wire, but eventually he used it and they made a big deal about that.

They showed another The Life of Rhino packages that was great, complaining about his time in the WWE and his troubles with his wife on WrestleMania weekend. Jarrett then did an interview saying that after that Rhino segment, it feels like he’s on the Dr. Phil show. Christian Cage then comes out and says “listen up, slapnuts” which I believe is WWE owned IP. They bicker a bit and then Jackie Gayda comes out and slaps Jarrett. Other than Christian and how HOT Jackie is, I didn’t care for this segment.

That’s all I managed to see. I thought what there was was really good.

Some News
Well, there was a good get, that of Joey Styles for five full years as the Head Announcer of RAW. And a good let-go, that of Christy Hemme. Both are for the best. There seems to be a pattern with the Tough Enough and Diva winners. They give them some of the contract and then cut their losses.


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Chris Garcia

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