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11-29-05 (continued) (The week before Thanksgiving)

For the US title...
This edition was pretty good, though again, the feud needs more heat. They opened showing extra security that Theodore R. Long asked for to keep the RAW guys out. The Benoit vs. Booker T match was solid and opened with Sharmell introing Booker. Benoit wanted Sharmell tossed from ringside. They traded shops and both looked good here. They did the finish that I’d heard about, but hadn’t thought they’d do it so soon. They had a Superplex and both guy’s shoulders were down and the ref counted.

Teddy then watched the tape and vacated the title, ordering a Best of Seven, since the two of them had a very good series in 1997. Interesting, but not perfect. There are people who want to see Benoit out of the US title picture and challenging for the belt, but I think he’ll do OK here.

JBL saw a white van outside and when he opened up the door, expecting RAW Superstars, he just found the Boogeyman. Nice touch.

The Dicks took on Animal and John Heidenreich. There is little to say about this except that having the Dicks squirt baby oil in the eyes of Animal was a very weak finish. I really don’t like the New LoD, but the Dicks are a terrible gimmick and they need to go away. The focus should be on MNM and getting them over. They could learn a lot from the way Dusty booked the Midnight Express.

Ken Kennedy took on Matt Hardy. This had some good heat and they worked well together. After an even-steven exchange series, Matt went for a moonsault but missed. Kennedy then threw Matt into the post ribs first. A bunch of good nearfalls, including a Side Effect. Kennedy countered a Twist of Fate attempt and set-up the Lambeau Leap/SteamRoller, but Hardy turned it into a Bulldog off the Top! After that, they fought a bit on the outside and after a stairs shot, Kennedy brought a chair into the ring and Kennedy was disqualified when he accidentally hit the ref with the chair. Kennedy needs a stronger push, but so does Hardy. This ending didn’t hurt either of them.

Nunzio had won the Cruiserweight belt in Italy, where he’s a big star (and there’s a general wrestling surge in Italy right now) and they did the switch to give the title back to Juvy. After Juventud got the JuvyDriver, he went into the crowd and grabbed a sign that said Latino Heat Lives Forever, which was the only mention of Eddie Guerrero on the show.

Paul Burchill and William Regal took on JBL and Rey Mysterio, which was really just an excuse for Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters and Carlito to interfere. Other guys ran out from SD! to make the save. Lame, but not without heat since they’re using Michaels, who is a heat machine nowadays.

Orlando Jordan lost to Bobby Lashley. The man is impressive, but they need to make him into a Brock Lesnar soon if he’s going to take off. He’s got the size, isn’t terrible in the ring, and can actually do a decent interview. True, I’d rather see him with a manager (again, Clarence Mason III might be available) but still, he could be a star. Lashley hit the Dominator for the win.

Randy Orton took on Big Dave Batista. This wasn’t going to be good, since Dave is all banged up, but it was really just a few lock-ups and stalling before the guys ran in and a giant brawl came to all of us in TV land. Basically, I think that having Batista Double ChokeSlammed through the table was what they were going for. They may have been better off changing the title, but giving us an excuse for Batista taking it easy for a month and a half or so might work too. It’s like when they had Flair take a pounding from Terry Funk and not defend until after he got back from rehabbing his injury (or it might have been a face lift).

A better show than I expected.

Survivor Series and RAW

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Chris Garcia

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