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Falls Count Anywhere


Still kind of reeling.
Welcome to Falls Count Anywhere! Eddie, this one’s for you.

I didn’t give SD! all my attention, mostly because I was busy preparing for the show on Saturday. Here’s what I thought all around: Not bad.

Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio had a match to decide who would be on the SmackDown! team at Survivor Series. Not a bad match, with Rey doin’ his things. Randy used an awesome backbreaker for a nearfall, and Rey used a Corkscrew Plancha. Bob Orton tossed Rey off of the top rope, which got Randy DQed. It was a decent match.

They brought out Michelle, former America’s Next Top Model contestant, and she had Melina and MNM get on her, which led to the Mexicools, who are now faces, making the save. I liked Michelle and she was good in this one…or at least as good as she could be in this spot. I hope she’ll keep working towards wrestling. Plus, she’s bisexual, which allows for all sorts of situations.

They did a backstage bit with Theodore R. Long talking with Edge and Lita. Now, like I said, I wasn’t paying full attention, but Lita was wearing a top that just showed off all of her cleavage. ALL OF LITA’S CLEAVAGE. I was rapt. Wow. She’s…wow…I…Wow.

Ken Kennedy took on Eddie Guerrero. I like the way Kennedy works, and he’s just beggin’ to be put with HHH. He’s the future ready to go! It was a solid match, not as good as the Mysterio match, but plenty good enough, with Eddie in control most of the time. Kennedy sold well, but the ending was a sign that they still need a little work. They used the ‘He hit me with a Chair!’ thing to get Kennedy DQed. This was Eddie’s last TV match.

This gets Garcia's attention.
Midgets wrestled. I don’t like the way they are using the midgets.

JBL wrestled Chris Benoit. The two of them are so mismatched. JBL is big and slow, but has a lot of personality, and Chris Benoit is a great wrestler. No, a GREAT wrestler. Booker was doing commentary, so I knew that he’d end up causing Benoit to get DQed. The finish was Booker causing Benoit to lose just as he had victory just within reach with the Crossface. JBL hit the Clothesline from Hell for the pin. The match at SS is now a little less good.

OK, here’s where the problems for SD! start. Batista took on Edge, who is hurt, so they just had Chris Masters and a bunch of RAW guys come out and that led to a battle and a Limo Chase. I’m not kidding, a limo chase between the RAW and SmackDown! limos. Wow.

Basically, Batista got attacked by Big Show and Kane and they Double Chokeslammed him. And Batista tore his lat. That’s not a good thing. Batista will either have to drop the belt, and of the guys they had to take the belt, there was Eddie, or they could take it and give it to Benoit. I’m betting they’ll have Batista vacate and go for a tourney. There’s nothing good that can come out of that.

Or, they could bring back Brock Lesnar from New Japan, but I don’t see that happening.

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Chris Garcia

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