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Stop that bumbling, Watson...
Welcome to Falls Count Anywhere! My name is Chris and there’s action afoot!

TNA and WWE have been fighting and neither has made a dent. WWE has been on a slump since WrestleMania, and it’s kinda boggling since they’ve been doing good stuff the whole time. TNA has done some terribly booked shows, but they’ve also had some good matches. That should sound pretty typical. Sadly, the current situation is almost unfathomable.

First off, there have been a couple of high-profile releases. The first of which was Christopher Daniels. The best-working guy in the entire company and they let him go. He was seen as a complainer, he argued finishes sometimes, though not as much as Samoa Joe (another who is no favorite with the current administration) and AJ Styles, if the Observer is to be believed. He’s a big get for Ring of Honor, which seems to be his next stop. I can’t believe they’d get rid of him, but it says more about the booking of Vince Russo and the power that Hogan & Co. have over who is employed and who is not. He is one of the things that made RoH so awesome back in the day, and it’ll be nice to see him back. He’s slightly old, I think he’s pushing 40, and it’s doubtful he’d find a place in WWE because of his size. He’s also had a couple of brief runs in the WWE about 8 to 10 years ago. Still, he can straight-out GO! I was shocked when I read that he was gone. He is now accepting bookings under his other identity, Curry Man!

The other release was of Consequences Creed. That one both troubles me and makes total sense. They’ve increased payroll so high, they really can’t afford guys who they aren’t going to use and they haven’t been using him. But he’s an entertaining character who has talent, can talk good and ain’t afraid of doing the big spots that get noticed. Still, they weren’t using him and he was injured.

I’m thinking he’ll probably end up as a mover on the Indy Scene, or maybe RoH will take him in, though he’s not quite their type. I don’t see him fitting in with the WWE, which is a shame. A WWE where a guy like Creed had a legit chance of being a big star is one that I’d like to see.

The other interesting TNA news is an eMail that was sent by Jim Cornette to Terry Taylor. According to the Observer, the eMail basically said that he had no hard feelings towards anyone in TNA except for Vince Russo, who he said he dreamed of finding a way to murder. This was forwarded by Terry to Vince and others in the company and it ended up getting lawyers involved.

The eMail, as has leaked to the net, is actually a pretty funny promo, putting the company over, to a degree, and then the Russo stuff, that, when taken with the rest, obviously seems like it’s a comedy bit. Russo over-reacted and now there’s the legal stuff happening. It’s a shame, but it’s also not unexpected. Some folks are blaming Taylor for forwarding it.

In other weird news, it seems that Jeff Hardy may be having some difficulties. Many have noted that he’s been a bit sloppier and a bit lethargic and erratic behind-the-scenes. Part of it could be his life is pretty much hell right now, as he’s facing charges on trafficking (and it looks bad for him on that front) and he’s back on the road, not fully healed. Still, he’d have to be a real idiot to be back on the stuff after everything he’s got stacked against him right now.

Angle is looking at taking some time off to heal up in general. He’s also getting married again.

In related news, Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett are also engaged. I talked to a friend who saw them a few weeks ago and said that they seemed like the perfect couple.

WWE has had a couple of injuries, notably Ezekiel Jackson, who tore his quad and will be out for up to 6 months. Matt Hardy had what at first was thought to be a bicep tear, but turned out to be a really bad bruise. That’s lucky because a tear would have been no good for him. Cena’s beat up, but when isn’t he. HHH is also taking it a little easier, as he’s not working house shows for the most part. There’s a guy who has been beat and hurt in dozens of ways and just keeps trying to go.

MacGruber has a bunch of the WWE’s lesser lights with cameos, including Jericho (OK, he’s not a lesser light), Mark Henry, MVP, Giant Singh, Kane and a few others. I am actually thinking about seeing it.

That’s all for this edition!

Chris Garcia

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